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"Mandin Gold Mining Sarl",a company incorporated on November 22, 2011, is engaged in conducting underground and surface gold mining and related activities, including exploration, processing and smelting. MANDINGOLD has been incorporated for the sole purpose of identifying and acquiring potential areas with known gold deposits in the country of Mali. The Mining concession measuring an area of approx 48 Sq Kms is located at Namarana Village, Mali in West Africa.

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There are five principal types of gold deposits present in Mali:

Lode mineralization with native gold occurring in quartz veins and in disseminated sulphides within the host rocks.

Stratibound mineralization in tourmaline bearing quartzite where gold is mainly located within the sulphide minerals.

Alluvial placers found on the outcrop of ore bodies with gold locally and evenly concentrated in the lateritic duricrust.

Alluvial placers which is the main source of gold extracted by artianal miners.

Surface gold deposits of lower economic importance.

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Mining is planned here using conventional open pit techniques with a carbon-in-pulp processing plant. There will be four open pits.


The Gold Mine processing plant will consist of two identical parallel circuits, collectively capable of treating approximately half a million tonnes of saprolite ores per year.


The Namrana deposit is located within the Malian portion of the Kenieba-Kedougou window, a major Palaeoproterozoic inlier along the northeast margin of the Kenema-Man shield.


The Namarana Concession block is located about 30 km west of the Narena city and about 115km southwest of the capital city Bamako in koulikoro Region. It is bounded by the the following latitudes and longitudes and extends for about 50 sq.km.


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